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Pats Peak has given us a guideline for Chaperone’s Duties and we hope this page helps to understand what we need from you, and answers any questions you may have. 

All Mascenic Chaperones are represented by a strip of pink ribbon. An announcement will be made on the bus that this is how a student can identify Mascenic Chaperones, therefore it's very important that all Mascenic Chaperones have this clearly visible where students can see it ... especially on the first day when students are new to the program. 

A chaperone’s help is needed on the bus, in the rental shop, in the lodge, in the lesson areas, and on the slopes.  A chaperone must be 21 years of age or older, but does not need to be a skier/snowboarder to participate.

Thank you for supporting the Mascenic Area Ski Program. It is through the time and support of volunteers, such as yourself, that the program continues to thrive year after year.

General Responsibilities 

  • Direct students to the Mascenic Table located in the Main Lodge.

  • Sign in each week at the Mascenic table located in the Main Lodge.

  • Make sure students’ laminated tags are visible.

  • If a student has lost their tag, escort the student to the Ski School Desk for a replacement.  Replacement cost is $10.00 for the student.  If the student does not have the money, escort them to a Mascenic Coordinator. (Susan Stalbird, Claire Gauthier, Gayle Rust)

  • Do not allow students to change or leave gear on the deck.  Gear needs to be placed on the outside racks.  

  • Direct students to the Mascenic area to change.

  • Help students buckle boots and make sure they are properly dressed.

  • Direct students to the appropriate lesson area.  Snowboarders and skiers meet in the same areas. 

  • Be available for students before and after lessons to answer questions.

  • Patrol the slopes, knowing Pat’s Peak Responsibility Code 

  • Supervise all students on and off the slopes.

  • Be willing to assist wherever and whenever possible.

  • Encourage students who have their own equipment to lock equipment on racks when not in use or use the Free Equipment Check when available. Free Bag Check is located in the Valley Lodge.

  • In discipline situations, if you have a confrontation, please advise a coordinator.  


Bus Coverage Responsibilities

  • Boynton and Mascenic Bus Coverage – please be at the school at 1:30pm, the bus will arrive by 1:45pm. The school administrator will release the students and they will file outside very quickly. It is imperative they are checked into the bus and counted so that the bus can leave by 2pm sharp. 

  • The Boynton bus will park near the flag pole in the lower parking lot.  

  • The Mascenic bus will park in the front of the school.


Lesson Coverage Responsibilities

  • Bunny Slope and Carpet Area Lesson Coverage – Lessons start at 3:30pm, but we really need the chaperones in these areas at 3:15pm to help the kids get there and get acclimated. The lessons run till 4:30pm.


Rental Shop Responsibilities

  • Only students renting equipment will be allowed in the rental shop.

  • No rentals will be issued without a laminated tag.

  • Direct students entering the rental shop where to pick up boots, skis, boards, poles etc.

  • Assist students in finding “misplaced” equipment.

  • Students are responsible for equipment.  Help students return equipment if necessary.

  • Direct students to return equipment through the door where they exited.

  • Any student who does not return their equipment will not be allowed to use rental equipment the following week.

  • Direct students leaving the rental shop to the Mascenic Area (in the Main Lodge) to change.

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